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Vulnerable You: Stress Unscripted

Oct 13, 2022

In 'Maturing Into Yourself: Grow Into the Fullness of Your Healing' , author Ray Leight explores the different aspects of the maturation process, beyond trauma and healing ... beyond experiencing revelation through spiritual discernment and finally believing the truth of who we are. In any maturation process, there will be growing pains—and it's the healing, he says, that is the easy part. Walking it out and allowing ourselves to be fully present, communicate our needs, establish healthy boundaries and experience real and lasting freedom, however? That's where the work is for us.

Having worked with CEOs, celebrities, church leaders, and everyday people from every walk of life and countries around the world, Ray Leight (pronounced 'LIGHT') has spent nearly two decades teaching people how to know, believe, and live the truth of who they are. Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD, discovering and living out of one's true identity in Christ is a journey he is all too familiar with. Cofounder (along with his wife, Kathryn) of Faith by Grace Ministries, he serves as a pastoral counselor with Bethel Church and is a devoted father and husband, as well as a sought-after speaker.


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